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Erez Kreiner is a leader, cyber entrepreneur, senior manager and holds a unique record in the cyber field. Until recent times  he was the Director of Israel’s National Cyber Security Authority, defending critical and classified infrastructures and assets, and responsible to build and develop the Israeli cyber defense capabilities. Since his retirement, he has run a consulting firm and technology startups.
Kreiner was responsible for preventing cyber-attacks on Israeli domains, both critical and sensitive, and led and covered almost all aspects of threats mitigation with various creative methods and technologies. He served as the Director of Information Security at the ISA (Israel Security Agency) and the Director of Israeli Security in Europe.  His career involved international activities between enterprises, companies, agencies, and cyber organizations. Among that he had the opportunity to brief the secretary(s) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on cyber issues more than once.  Kreiner is a computer engineer, holds a degree from the Israeli Technion, studied MBA and holds a Master’s degree in National Security. He teaches courses in cyber security in academic and non academic institutions, and assist investors to evaluate technologies and startups.
His military service was in the Special Forces as a navy seal. 

Monday, April 18

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