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Jelmer Nieuwenweg

Utrecht, Nederland
Innovator. Passionate about change, all things new, gadgets. And what that means for people, for communication, the use of information and social interaction.

Founder and owner of PinkWeb. Market leader in The Netherlands with innovative software that revolutionized the way the biggest accountancy firms, but also hundreds of SME firms, interact with their clients. It allows them to be much more efficient. The tools are actively signaling what's going on at their clients' companies, enabling the professional to consult them better: proactively, timely and focussed on the future. To make sure their clients perform to the best of their abilities. And beyond.

Interested in politics and active in many national, regional, local and personal campaigns as campaign manager or staff. I believe that everybody deserves the best chances in life, to succeed in what they love to do, no matter where they're born, where they went to school, their gender, skin color or other preferences. And if you're out of luck for some time, there's a system in place to support you, to cope with the situation and to help you get going again.

I just love snow! Skiing (racing, backcountry and sometimes as trainer or ski instructor as certified instructor) and snowboarding.

I'm passionate about travelling, discovering new countries, going off the beaten track and meeting new people.

Married to the love of my life, Margot, and recently got to be the proudest father of the most beautiful son in the world ;-)!