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24-hour Solar Roof
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Will was born to be an entrepreneur. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1966, he dabbled in a variety of small neighborhood businesses throughout his early school years. At the age of 17, he invested his entire savings of $500 to co-found and launch his first enterprise: Neuspiller Perego film and video production company. Success came fast and, after earning a Bachelor of Arts in advertising at Escuela Superior de Publicidad he decided to launch a second company, an advertising and marketing firm called Loyalty1to1. Before long, his client list read like the Fortune 500: Coca-Cola, Ford, HP, Panasonic, Unilever, Nestle and Clorox, among others.

In 1995, Will’s film and video production company developed proprietary technology used to create and exhibit 3D movies. Over the next three years Neuspiller Perego produced more than fifty 3D shows for their corporate clients. They also produced Big Bang, an educational 3D movie about the evolution of mankind. Big Bang was exhibited in more than 100 cities of five different Latin American countries, with total sales of more than 250,000 tickets.

The following year Neuspiller Perego built the first 3D theater in Latin America, called Real 3D Show. A smaller version of DisneyWorld and Universal Studios’ 3D shows, like: Honey, I Shrunk the Audience! and Terminator 3D.

That same year they produced another 3D movie, Intrepidos y Valientes, a hilarious comedy played by well known Argentinean actors Claudio Morgado, Manuel Wirtz, Carlos de Antonio and Veronica Llinas. Public and critics acclaimed both, the movie and the 3D theater.

In 1999, Will sold his shares of Neuspiller Perego and Real 3D Show to focus on a new business-to-business Internet company called Publizona.com, a spin-off of his marketing and advertising firm. The new online firm provided off-line and on-line ad space to small businesses at wholesale prices. The concept was praised by the industry and the media. Consulting experts McKinsey and Co. valued Publizona.com at $120 million. Still, the “dot com” bubble burst made it difficult to obtain the next round of capital needed to grow the company.

By the end of 2000, the Will decided it was time to compete on a tougher playing field, so he moved his marketing company and his family to the US. After arriving in Miami, he launched DigiNet Printing, a digital printing company, and two online portals for printed products Success 4 Real Agents and Biz Cards that Sell.

Will also started doing real estate investments in South Florida along with three good friends and business partners. These investments grew over time. In 2007, Will closed down the printing company and the online portals to focus on the more profitable real estate investments.

In 2010, Will and his partners started planning a very ambitious and innovative real estate development: Green City, the first self-sustained, off-the-grid city in the U.S. This development calls for the construction of 154 buildings over a 15-year period, totaling 25 million square feet of gross mixed use waterfront real estate, for a total investment of $4 billion, located in Miami.

Within Green City they plan on having the first research park in the U.S. focused in clean technologies. In 2013, as a way to jump-start the research park, they launched GreenTech Endeavors, a cleantech incubator. At GreenTech Endeavors they license clean technologies from American Universities to bring these technologies to market.

FlashCharge Batteries is the first startup being spun off the incubator. FlashCharge Batteries is a revolutionary supercapacitor technology aimed at rendering lithium-ion batteries obsolete. The second startup is the 24-hour Solar Roof, aimed at delivering reliable and distributed 24/7 electricity to the world. The 24-hour Solar Roof incorporates four new revolutionary technologies: ClicknGen Racking System, MaxHarvest Microinverters, EnerMaster and Efficienciest Solar Panel. Each technology has the potential of becoming a billion dollar business.

Will has two children: Christian y Barbara. He plays soccer, tennis, beach-volley and chess (always looking for a match.) He tried golf but quit soon thereafter, frustrated with the fact that golf balls wouldn’t follow his precise instructions about where to land in the green, choosing instead water, bunkers or trees. He also enjoys travelling, skiing and reading.

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